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Continuity of the European Juggling Convention
The main goal of the EJA is to ensure the continuity of the European Juggling Convention (EJC).

As the Convention usually is organised by a local group of jugglers, every convention gets its special character. The EJA tries to stimulate this system by promoting, coordinating and supporting the different organizing teams over the years.

The decision where the EJC goes next is taken by the attending jugglers of an EJC at the General Assembly. Usually the decision is taken two years in advance to give the organising team enough time for preparation.

In the last years the EJCs became much bigger and much more professional. This leads automatically to more expectation and pressure on the local organising team - which is a big challenge for both EJC organisers and EJA. Thus, early considerations and a good relationship between EJA and EJC become more and more important.

If you are interested organising an EJC please contact EJA either by your Country Representative or any other person from the EJA Board.
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