Minutes EJA Board Meeting 17th August 2005, Ptuj, Slovenia

Fredrik Almgren, Swedish Rep
Michelle Croze, Belgian Rep
Sabine, Belgium
Birte, Pre-Reg
Adolfo Rossomando, Italian Rep
Stephanie Schneider, Bremen 2002
Mini Mansell, UK Rep
Costas, Greek Rep, Greece 2007
Dap, Ireland
Alex, Spanish Rep
Hedzer Westra, Dutch Rep, International Pre-Reg
Fabien, Carvin 2004
Yorrick, French Rep
Rita Schnabel, German Rep
Tarim, Chairman
Falk Hante, Treasurer
Tassilo, Karlsruhe 2000

Late Comers:
Paul Anderson, US Contact (Rep?)


*Election of Festival Representatives
*Election of Treasurer
*Election of Secretary
*Presentation of EJA finances
*Discussion - EJA to preview and OK bids to run EJC before presentation to
General Assembly
"Presentation of Athens bid
*Presentation of Karlsruhe bid
"Presentation of Spanish bid
*Discussion - Change statutes to allow email votes and online meetings
*Any other business


1. Agenda
Tarim explained the different points on the agenda and moved on to the first
item on the agenda.

2. Election of Festival Representatives
It was decided to do a block voting on the festival representatives.
The following festival representatives who attended were re-elected
Tassilo for Karlsruhe 2000
Stephanie Schneider for Bremen 2002
Fabien Laude for Carvin 2004

3. Election of Treasurer
Falk agreed to stand again as Treasurer and was re-elected with one person
This was followed by a brief discussion as to whether the election was
legitimate and in accordance with the statutes concerning number of people
required to vote The elections were considered to be legitimate, but the issue
was to be checked later and eventual post-postal votes needed to confirm.

4. Election of Secretary
Tarim gave a brief overview of what was required of the position of secretary
such as keeping the board informed, take minutes etc. Fredrik Almgren was the
only candidate to stand for this position.
Fredrik Almgren was elected as EJA Secretary with two people abstaining.

5. Finances - Financial Report
Falk handed out last years Financial Report and explained some of the
figures. A few questions arose.
Mini inquired why pre-reg costs in some countries were so high and pointed out
that posting out confirmation letters could be done cheaper via email. Tarim
suggested that this point was to be discussed later on in 'Any other
business', which was agreed.
Adolfo asked about the money the EJA received from Svendborg 2003. Falk
explained that the money received equals 25% of the conventions profit.
Mini asked about credit card costs, stating that it was very expensive. Falk
explained that the figure in the Report is not a transaction cost, but to run
the system in the first place.
Tassilo wanted to know why Svendborg only made 8000 profit. Falk explained
that they had as many people as expected, so profit was in accordance with
their budget, but there was no financial report available yet.
The Financial Report was agreed on and accepted with one abstain in the vote.

6. Finances - Project Plan
Another hand-out was given out and Tarim explained that this showed the
proposed way the EJA could spend its money in 2005 and 2006. Everybody was
asked to look at it in their own time and raise questions via the EJA-List.
Falk further explained that Ptuj received a loan of 20.000. This was only
possible because the Carvin 2004 team allowed the EJA to use some of the
pre-rego money, which was not transferred to Chi'ti yet, for this
purpose. Carvin made an approximate profit of 80.000. Fabien explained
that 70% of this was to go to the EJA (approximately 45.000). The accounts
are not finished yet though.
Tarim stated that too much surplus can be a burden as well.
Falk explained that Ireland has not received a loan yet, because there was not
enough money in the bank, as the EJA is still waiting for the Carvin accounts
to finish, in order to transfer the remaining 75% of their profit.
General murmuring as sign of appreciation of the large surplus.
Tarim suggested to Ireland and Greece teams to already start considering what
to do with a possible surplus.
Mini said that Ptuj had a current surplus of 25.000, but this money was
being spent by the minute on the convention.
Tassilo raised the question why there was only so little surplus, considering
the savings made by having no public show.
Mini pointed out that the concept of this convention was different and instead
of having a public show, due to lack of suitable venue, 47 artists were hired
to perform throughout the week. Further discussion about the ongoing
convention was then postponed for tomorrow's EJC Meeting.

7. How to vote for new festival organizers
Tarim raised the question whether there was a way to preview and ok bids for
EJCs by the EJA, so that the EJA still had some control over it and does not
have to deal with impossible suggestions. This could be done via
pre-selection. A discussion started.
Adolfo pointed out that the jugglers are deciding about this. He also felt he
couldn't get to know about the options, then feedback this information to the
Italian jugglers to then feedback the results to the EJA in the given
Mini raised the question whether the system needed to be changed at all, as so
far the EJA does not have any authority/ power to do so. The jugglers need to
be asked. 
Tassilo was concerned about losing money. People who organise an EJC need to
be professionals, because jugglers prefer certain things now.
Fabien suggested to let the EJA pre-select but leave the final choice to the
Mini pointed out again that the EJA has no authority. He also raised the
question what would happen if there was no alternative choice.
Yorrick was in favour of the pre-selection process, but said that nothing can
be done if there was only one bid.
Fredrik asked for clarification of who selects the bids.
Tarim explained that the EJA would look at each bidder and pre-select them and
then present the choices to the jugglers.
Mini suggested that potential bidders had to submit their proposal to the EJA
at least two months in advance (before the presentation to the jugglers). 
Adolfo advised that it was not only about getting to know the proposals, but
about the evaluation of them. He suggested introducing certain standards for
future organisers.
Fabien pointed out that reps should be more active in finding future
Mini questioned whether set standards were a good move, he feared that every
convention would turn out to be the same.
Tarim explained that Ptuj was quite different in a lot of ways and initially
sounded very exciting. He pointed out that I was necessary to have local
people on the team.
Tassilo suggested that Tarim should tell the jugglers about the standards and
the EJA evaluation. He said it was only for their own benefit.
Mini commented that constant evaluation of sites was already happening anyway.
Adolfo reminded that the EJA has no authority and only acts as consultants.
Tarim stated that he only wants control over the proposals. He would ask the
jugglers during the afternoon meeting about their opinion on this matter and
whether they would be all right with the EJA pre-selecting the sites.
The following vote was prepared: Would the board like to pre-select sites on
the basis of standards to then present these to the jugglers?
Before the vote was carried out further matters regarding the standards arose
when Yorrick wanted to know what these standards would be. The general
consensus was to have a list with basic essentials. 
Tassilo started to list the following: support from the city, enough space,
basic sanitary and an emergency plan.
Mini  advised that an emergency plan would cost more money and wondered
whether jugglers would be prepared to pay more money.
Fredrik suggested voting on the idea for now and talking about the details at
a later point on the EJA-list to come up with guidelines for future
During the vote everybody was in favour of this procedure with no abstentions.

8. Greece 2007
Costas introduced the bid for Greece 2007. He said he has been in contact with
the Minister of Culture, who was very positive about the idea and wants to be
part of it. The team has found a site with enough space and gym space. He said
that there will be a convention this year on the same site to test. He said
there was no indoor space, but certain areas could be covered with tents. This
site is Kalamitsi (?). Another potential site was found north of Athens, which
is a sports camp. He pointed out that Greece is expecting the EJC. The people
and organisers are ready. He has some more details for us, photos to be
available later. 
Some questions were raised about gyms. Costas said there gyms available on
both sites. 
Tassilo wanted to know whether everything was booked alre bid and so he would
not book anything until that happened.

9. Karlsruhe 2007
Tassilo introduced Karlsruhe as a potential bidder for 2007. He mentioned it
was going to be the same site as in 2000 and that he has already been in touch
with the mayor and got everything in place to go ahead.
Some questions arose about the team. Tassilo stated that some of the people
from the 2000 team will be part of the team again. He also mentioned that 2007
would be his preferred year. He was prepared to do the EJC in 2008, but this
might cause some problems with his team due to private commitments.
Alex said that the Spanish jugglers were thinking about organising an EJC in
2009, but were prepared to do it in 2008 as well. He wants the EJC to go to
different countries/ sites.

At this point the different possibilities were:

Costas stated that he was not prepared to post-pone the bid for Greece for
another year as he has already done this once in order to let Ireland do it in
2006 as this was the only possible year for them to commit to it.
Tassilo said that if Karlsruhe was not chosen for 2007 he wanted the jugglers
to consider it for 2008 and vote for it.
Fredrik asked whether a deadline was needed to apply for the bid.
Mini advised that this should not be more than 3 years in advance as
circumstances can change significantly and it is difficult for people to
commit to a longer time span.
Everybody then agreed to give some background information about the different
bids to the jugglers.
Costas wanted to know about the connection between the German Rep and the
Karlsruhe team.
Rita said she was not on the team but maybe will be. She also pointed out that
Tassilo does not need the help and she will be the channel of info to the

10. Spain 2009
Alex explained that there have never been more jugglers in the Basque Country
than now. They will form an association soon and a team. Currently they only
have the idea. But the potential team has the experience. They have done 5
conventions before. He then showed a map of one possible site near Bilbao. He
also mentioned that they have been in contact with the town who have offered
support for 2008 in order to promote the Basque Country. He also stated that
they are in contact with the Spanish jugglers. 
Adolfo pointed out that the letter from the city was not a commitment, only a
recognition of the proposal and that they require more information. 
Alex said that they do not have a proper team yet, only one-to-one discussions
and that they are waiting for information from the EJA such as video and
general info.

11. Email votes
Tarim pointed out that in order to allow votes per email or online the
statutes needed to be amended. This could be discussed via the EJA-list

12. Next meeting
Costas wanted to know whether there will be an EJA meeting in Dublin.
Tarim said that the matter of where to hold EJA meetings (next site or current
ejc) should be discussed via the EJA-list.

13. Any other business
Costas suggested that the EJA should offer support on site when the local
organisers are unable to.

14. Closing the meeting
Tarim thanked everybody for their attendance and closed the meeting.

Action Points:
Look through Financial Project Proposal and feedback to Falk
Discuss standards requirements
Discuss the allowance of email votes
Discuss the next EJA Meeting (and possibly arrange for Dublin)