Minutes from the EJA General Assembly 2005
Ptuj, Slovenia 2005-08-17

1. Opening of the meeting
Tarim opened the meeting and greeted everyone welcome.

2. Election of Country Representatives and Contact Persons

A. Sweden
Fredrik was re-elected country rep for Sweden.

B. Belgium
Michelle was re-elected country rep for Belgium.

C. Ireland
Deidre was elected country rep for Ireland.

D. Greece
Kostas was re-elected country rep for Greece.

E. Austria
Fratl was elected country rep for Austria.

F. Finland
Samuli was re-elected country rep for Finland.

G. Poland
Agnes was elected country rep for Poland.

H. Germany
Rita was re-elected country rep for Germany.

I. Czech Republic
Dasha was elected contact person for the Czech Republic

3. Financial Report

Tarim gave a brief report of the financial status of EJA. Details of
the financial report will be published at the EJA website where
everyone can dive into the details.

4. EJA Website

Tarim presented the fact that EJA finally has a website of which we do
not need to be ashamed. Presumptive translators of the website were
urged to contact the EJA secretary. The website will be used for
publishing the financial reports and plans for the future.

5. Report from Carvin

Fabien gave a brief report of the status of EJC2004 in French which
was also translated to English. The budget was set to reach break-even
at 2800 participants. The huge amount of participants led to a large
financial surplus. The EJC2004 will pay EJA according to the existing

6. Process of Selecting Venues for Future Conventions

Tarim presented the proposal from the EJA board to introduce a
filtering process for the proposals for future venues for EJCs. Today,
anyone can propose a venue during the EJA General Meeting. The
proposal is to introduce a requirement to submit applications to the
EJA board. The EJA board will publish guidelines for minimal
requrements for applications. Based on these, the EJA board will
approve applications before they are presented at the general
meeting. The idea is to get better thought-through candidatures.

Tarim asked for a vote amongst the jugglers for this proposal,
which was passed unanimously.

The board will publish the application process together with
application guidelines on the EJA website.

7. Presentation of the Status of EJC2006 in Dublin

Lee introduced the organiser team for Dublin 2006 and gave a status
report. The site has been provisionally agreed. The organisers are
currently aiming at holding the conventions during the second week of
august 2006. The website is www.ejc2006.net.

8. EJC2009

Alex presented some ideas about having EJC2009 in the Basque parts of
Spain. EJC 2009 might be up for vote at EJC2006.

9. Decision about EJC2007

There were two candidates for arranging EJC2007 - Greece and
Germany. Kostas presented the proposal for Greece and Tassilo presented
the one for Germany.

Kostas presented that activities were ongoing to arrange EJC2007 in
Greece. A preview of the venue would be possible by going to the Greek
convention in September this year.

Tazilo and a team from Pyramidale presented the proposal for EJC2007
in Karlsruhe, Germany, a site known from EJC2000.

Tarim presented background info the extent that the Greek candidacy
has been known for a long time by the EJA but that the Karlsruhe
candidacy has only been know for some weeks. Also, the Greek candidacy
can only arrange 2007 whereas the German could probably arrange in
2008 if given advance warning.

Therefore, Tarim prsented the meeting with two alternatives between
which to choose.

Alt 1: Greece for 2007 and Karlsruhe for 2008
Alt 2: Karlsruhe for 2007

The meeting voted for Alt 1, giving EJC2007 to Greec and EJC2008 to

10. Closing of the Meeting

Tarim thanked everyone and closed the meeting.