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Frequently Asked Questions
What is an EJA country representative?
The EJA (European Juggling Association) was established in 1987 to ensure the continuity and quality of the EJCs as a non-commercial event organized 'by jugglers for jugglers'. An EJA country representative is an important link between the local jugglers who attend the Juggling Convention (EJC) and the jugglers organizing the convention each year. An EJA country rep. will have up-to-date information from the EJC to spread amongst jugglers in his/her country and be able to pass on any comments, suggestions or ideas brought up by local jugglers. In addition an EJA country rep sits on the EJA board.

Which countries have an EJA Representative?
As of 2005 the following country's have an EJA representative: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. For countries outside Europe there are EJA contacts who fulfil many of the same functions. There are EJA contact people in Australia, Israel, North America and South America. To find out who your EJA contact is, see the list of contacts on the EJA web page.

What about other countries?
If the country in which you are living is not listed above, that means that none of your fellow jugglers have volunteered for this position yet. If you think that it would be better if there was an EJA rep/contact in your area, maybe you could initiate the discussion about this amongst your fellow jugglers. Or, even better, go for the job yourself. Which leads to the two following questions:
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What does an EJA country rep's job involve?
As already mentioned, the most important part of a country rep's job is supplying information about the EJC in his/her local area, if possible in the country's language, and giving feedback to the EJA and the convention organizers. To create all the various elements of the EJC, the organizers need input from throughout Europe. A second function the EJA country rep can fulfil is to establish an EJA/EJC pre-registration system in local currency with a national bank account. This not only makes it easier for you to pre-register for the EJC, but also frees the hands of the organizers so that they can spend more time creating a fantastic week. As of 1999 jugglers in the following countries can pre-register: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA.
In addition to this, country reps should regularly attend juggling events in their local area, as well as the EJCs. As they are members of the EJA board, they should try to attend the EJA board meeting, which is held every two years somewhere in Europe. Understanding English and having access to an email account is not a condition, but it does make it easier to stay in touch with the convention organizers and EJA board. Lastly, an EJA country rep is welcome to do more, such as organizing mass transits to and from the convention, helping out at the convention itself, or taking care of special EJA tasks.
All members of the EJA board, including country representatives, donate their time to do these jobs because they support the yearly European Juggling Convention and make sure it stays an unique event. That means that any expenses made by an EJA country rep are paid for by the EJA, (including travel to the EJA board meeting) but there are NO salaries paid to any juggler working for the EJA. It is a 100% volunteer job!

How do you become an EJA country rep?
Country representatives are elected for a term of two years at the EJA General Assembly which is held during the yearly EJC. For each country, only the jugglers living in that country can vote for their representative. In the meantime, the EJA web site, and, of course, your country rep, are the best sources of information and answers to any questions you may have on the work of the EJA in your country.
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