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Juggling Exhibition
During the last European Juggling Conventions the EJA was running an exhibition about juggling in the city centre of the host city.
The exhibition is addressed to jugglers and non-jugglers of all ages and focuses on the history of juggling, juggling conventions, unicycling and other juggling related skills. Information is presented interactively in form of fotos, video projections and lots of original material, texts are in multiple languages. The exhibtions are designed and directed by Sonja Boeckmann (Germany) with the help of many volunteers.

1st Exhibition during EJC2000 Karlsruhe, Germany
Location: Europahalle
Specials: Juggling T-Shirt Collection (with many thanks to Robert Mager) and Juggling Book Collection (with many thanks to Andreas Wilkens)
2nd Exhibition during EJC2002 Bremen, Germany
Location: Circus-Trailer on Site
Specials: History of the European Juggling Conventions and Juggling Association
3rd Exhibition during EJC2003 Svendborg, Denmark
Location: Galerie „APH´ Art“
Specials: History of juggling with the title: „There's something Flying“. Many objects and installations, Dia-Projection (with many thanks to Wilhelm Koch)
The exhibtion was created in cooperation with Meike Töpperwein and Tonia Wiatrowski from the art academy of Braunschweig, Germany.
4th Exhibtion during EJC2004 Carvin, France
Location: Centre of Culture „Entre Effel“
Specials: Expositions of Juggling in everyday life
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