This is a basic guide on 'How to organise an European Juggling Convention'. It could be used to organise a smaller convention too.

Why this handbook is published

If you want to organise an event like the European Juggling Convention ( EJC) you need as much information and help as possible: we want you to realise it's difficult but we mainly want to encourage you to do it.

The EJC will always need a new location and new ways of doing things. It has been a general policy that EJC should not always be held in the same safe and convenient place and should ideally never be the same twice.

There is no fixed formula and very few rules, see Rules The EJC has become a big event. It is a major arts project and takes about 3 years of work from the first idea to the final accounts.

Jugglers and Organisers have expressed the need for a 'handbook' or 'guide', so EJA have tried to create one. It is very important to note that apart from the basic 'Rules' this handbook is only a guide of how to get things done - what you choose to put into a EJC is not a fixed formula. Like Juggling, the Convention should change, develop, be inspired, be flexible and creative. And like Juggling and Jugglers you don't have to be a 'professional' event promoter or production company to create and execute The Greatest Festival of Juggling In The World.

The EJA exists to help you run a successful event and we will do our best to do that. The EJA can provide information, financial support, promotion and registration in many countries around the world and also VHS, CD and DVD video promotional material.




Site Plan


Decoration should be treated by a separate group with their own budget.

Organising an EJC

Technical Information

Thoughts, Philosophy, History


Work Ideas

EJA Loans



Traders or Juggling Shops come to the Convention year after year. Some years thay make good money, some years - no money. They provide an income for the EJC and should be able to trade in a good space that allows them to feel part of the event and be secure so that they have nothing to be lost through theft after opening hours.