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The Stichting European Juggling Association
The European Juggling Association (EJA) is a non-profit organisation of European jugglers. Its legal base is the "Stichting European Juggling Association" in Amsterdam. It was founded 1987 in Saintes (France) when, for the first time, over a thousand jugglers came to the European Juggling Convention (EJC).

The main purpose of the EJA is to maintain the continuity of the European Juggling Convention and to promote juggling. In order to do this, it supports the organisation of the EJCs in many ways: It provides information and experience from helping with privious EJCs. It runs a pre-registration system and promotes the EJCs in many European countries. It gives financial assistance to EJCs providing both a start-up loan and some financial guarantee. It may also give some financial assistance to individual projects. It works with the organisors of the EJCs.

There is no formal membership, but every juggler who comes to the EJC is eligible to vote on the General Assembly. Votes are held to determine where successive EJCs will be held and also to choose jugglers to be "Country Representatives" for two years.
The Country Representative works as a contact in that country, promotes the EJC and usually looks after the EJC pre-registration system. The country representatives and representatives from past EJCs form the "Main Board" of the EJA, which vote in a "Daily Board" of three directors and also vote on decisions concerning the direction the EJA should take.

People work with the EJA on a purely voluntary basis in order to promote the unique character of juggling in Europe and to keep the European Juggling Conventions from becoming too commercial.
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