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The European Juggling Association (EJA) is a non-profit organisation of European jugglers. 

The main goal of the European Juggling Association is to promote juggling in Europe and beyond. It does so primarily by maintaining the continuity of the European Juggling Conventions, ensuring that the convention takes place in a new European city or town. 

The EJA supports the organisation of the EJCs in many ways. It is tightly involved with the organising teams, relaying information, and experience from previous conventions. It is also responsible for promoting the EJCs locally in many European countries and languages by leveraging its multinational board.

In the beginning of April 2023, the Irish team had to call off the EJC on the island of Ireland. This has been because of a combination of things, but ultimately due to the insurance crisis in Ireland. You can find the official announcement hereA huge thank you to the team; they had jumped in when France had to withdraw, then lost two sites due to issues outside of their control, and when they had secured alternatives, despite previous verbal reassurance, insurance proved impossible to acquire, which made the event impossible after all.

From the time that a cancellation appeared likely, we have been in lots of conversations, trying to find ways of making the EJC happen this year. On 21 April, we were finally able to announce what has emerged from this: the team behind the 35th and 40th EJCs in Lublin, Poland, will also host the 45th EJC 2023! Behind the scenes, the EJC teams in Poland and Ireland together with our association are collaborating closely, and more information will follow soon. Please see their announcement post here (click here) and follow them on Facebook and/or Instagram to make sure you have as much up-to-date information as possible.

If you want to help and/or have ideas, please email us at info@eja.netThank you for your continued support! We are all the EJC!

Application period for organizing future EJCs closes on 16 April!

Due to the scale of the event, every organising teams’ proposals have to be assessed by the EJA before being granted the right to be elected at the EJA General Assembly. A detailed proposal must be submitted for review to info(at)eja.net by the end of the application period.

More information can be found HERE.

Potential organizers are encouraged to contact the association directly with the goal of completing a detailed proposal by the end of the application period. The EJA board is happy to provide ongoing feedback and assistance during this time!

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The next EJC will take place in the beautiful Lublin, Poland between the 29th of July and 6th of August 2023.

Get your ticket via pre-registration and follow the preparations on social media!