EJC2020 in Hanko Finland

European Juggling Convention 2020 will happen in Hanko, Finland!

The team from Hanko won a dramatic vote at the EJA General Assembly in Newark-on-Trent to organize EJC2020! Standing against an excellent bid from a team from Madrid, the Hanko team managed to sway the audience to vote for them and bring the EJC back to Finland after a 10 year break.

The convention will be held in a beautiful seaside town of Hanko, around two hours by train from the capital of Helsinki and the port city of Turku. It will be held between the 11th and the 19th of July 2020. For more information see their website.

The pre-registration for the event is scheduled to open some time during the winter. Keep an eye on future announcements here and on social media.

As a side note: The team from Madrid won the nomination for the EJC2021. Congratulations to both teams for their amazing efforts!

EJC 2020 Update and situation

In an unfortunate turn of events, the organizing team for the EJC 2020 in Leipzig were forced to withdraw their bid. This was a difficult decision taken by the team after exhausting all available options.

The Leipzig team encountered difficulties when trying to secure permission from the city council to run the EJC at their site. The site is in a densely populated area, and as such, the decision came down to the German regulations on noise in public spaces. The city council produced an estimate based on a different festival previously held at the site with similar attendance. They came to a conclusion that a festival the size of the EJC would carry a high risk of noise complaints from the local residents, in which case the police would be able to shut down the EJC at any moment. Despite that risk, and due to a good relationship between the Leipzig team and their local city council, they were offered permission for 6-7 days event. The EJC typically runs for 9 days and includes a few days of setup and teardown. As such, the offer was insufficient.

The team’s response was admirable. They decided to approach the city council of the nearby city of Magdeburg where they found an alternative site for the convention. The team was hoping for a warmer response in the smaller city. However, having had no experience with conventions of this size, the city produced a similar noise forecast to the one made by the Leipzig council. It stated that the festival was too high risk for noise complaints and declined to issue permission for an EJC.

Exhausted and demotivated, the Leipzig team decided that they had no choice but to withdraw their bid and let another team from a different country take over the preparations for the EJC 2020.

Does this mean that an EJC can never happen in Germany?

Well, it’s not a “no”, but neither is it a clear “yes”. Any team planning to organize the festival would need to be certain that they have a good relationship with the local council and to secure their cooperation before they present their bid to the jugglers. Another option is for EJC to be held at a more remote location, where complaints from the local residents are unlikely. As sad as this might seem, there is still hope for a future German EJC!

So what happens with EJC 2020?

This setback means that the EJC 2020 will happen in a different place than last year. Several teams already stepped up offering to host the EJC in 2020. The EJA is actively working with all of them, helping them prepare their bids. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing our experience and making sure they can avoid many of the potential pitfalls of organizing a convention of this size and scope at such short notice. The proposals will be presented to the jugglers to vote on at the EJA General Assembly in Newark-on-Trent during the 2019 European Juggling Convention. It is scheduled for Wednesday 7th of August at 2 PM in the Jugglers Bar. Make sure to come by and cast your vote!

The new EJA Newsletter is live!

Not everyone is on social media. Many jugglers also prefer a focused and direct channel of communication. Thus we are happy to introduce our new EJA Newsletter! 

There is no fixed schedule for the send outs. We will try to communicate whenever something important is going on, like a pre-reg opening or we start looking for future EJC teams. Expect a summary of the most important internal decisions and news 2-3 times a year. In the meantime, check the news section for the most current and up to date announcements! You can sign up on our website or via a direct link. 

As  a side note: The first phase of the pre-registrations for the European Juggling Convention 2019 is currently underway! The ticket prices are £125 or €140 for an adult full week ticker. Other options such as day tickets or youth tickets are also available.

The full pricing information can be found at: www.ejc2019.org/tickets

EJC2019 pre-reg is live!

The first phase of the pre-registrations for the European Juggling Convention 2019 is now officially open! The tickets go on sale for two weeks between 23rd of November and 7th of December 2018. The ticket prices are £125 or €140 for an adult full week ticker. Other options such as day tickets or youth tickets are also available.

The full pricing information can be found at: www.ejc2019.org/tickets

The team also decided to repeat the success of the Lublin convention and offer the possibility to buy either a concession ticket for 10 pounds or euro less than the nominal price, or purchase a supporters ticket at 10 pounds/euro more. 

The first phase of pre-registration is the time when the tickets are cheapest. The organisers are using the numbers of tickets bought in the first phase as an indicator of how high the participation numbers would be. It also allows the organisers to receive a cash injection for putting down deposits or starting to pay for necessities. As a result, the more people get their tickets early, the better prepared would the organisers be.

Go get your ticket now!

EJAs new Website

The EJA has a new Website! This is just a beginning and we will be developing and improving the site as the time goes on. We are always open to feedback and suggestions!

EJC2020 is heading to Leipzig!

The organizing team from Leipzig, Germany, was elected to host the 43rd European Juggling Convention, following a vote at the 2018 General Assembly of the European Juggling Association.

Congratulations to the team and see you in Leipzig in 2020!

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