EJC pre-registration can be found at: prereg.eja.net

For any questions about pre-registration contact prereg@eja.net

EJC Pre-reg Terms and Conditions

Here you can find Terms and Conditions for EJC 2019 Newark


Upon attending the EJC, in no event shall the host or its representatives or its assistants be liable for any loss or injury or any damages, unless they are grounded in cause of gross negligence or wilful act of breach of duty by the host or its representatives or its assistants. Participants attend by choice, on their own risk; they take the responsibility for their own health status and pay attention to it. We especially point out that the Convention is a sports event where professional jugglers and acrobats will train together with non-professionals of all skill levels. There will be workshops in all sorts of circus disciplines open (but maybe not appropriate!) for everyone; above that props and apparatus will be accessible, be it because the host provides them or any participant simply puts them up and let others use them as well. It is your own responsibility and neither the hosts’, nor the workshop leaders’, their representatives’ or assistants’ to make sure at any time that your health and fitness condition is adequate to take part in the workshop in question or to use props and apparatus mentioned hereinabove safely.

Complete EJA Terms and Conditions for Pre-registrations can be found here. 

Complete EJC 2019 site Terms and Conditions can be found here.

 For participants under the age of 18 the following forms of consent are required before being allowed to enter the site:
For participants under 18 (over 16) print out and sign: This EJC 2019 Under 18 Consent Form
For participants under 16 years old print out and sign: This EJC 2019 Under 16 Consent Form
More information about EJC2019 can be found at www.ejc2019.org