EJC 2020 update

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European Juggling Convention in Hanko, Finland is postponed to 2021.

Dear circus friends,

The coronavirus crisis that has struck globally poses a significant risk to the health and wellbeing of people and nations worldwide. The safety of our beloved juggling community is the top priority for us. Therefore, we – the organisers of 43rd EJC Hanko, 44th EJC Tres Cantos and EJA – have worked together with our local partners such as the city of Hanko to ensure a safe and certain way forward.

Future developments of this crisis are very uncertain, and it is hard to predict when it will be over. This poses health and financial risks to everyone, including you, the jugglers, who have to plan travel in advance.

Last year on the 42nd EJC Newark, you gave us the blessing to make a call in case we need to make a difficult decision. To prevent damage, we believe that postponing the EJC by a year is the most sensible and responsible move.

We have agreed to postpone the 43rd EJC Hanko to 2021 and the 44th EJC Tres Cantos to year 2022, thanks to the flexibility and understanding of everyone involved (including our external partners in the city councils and elsewhere). We hope you will find this a positive agreement as well!

So, this is not a goodbye, only a see you later. At this moment, we cannot announce the exact dates for when the EJC Hanko will take place, but we will keep you posted. To make sure you hear about updates, sign up to the EJA newsletter.

For those who have already registered for EJC 2020, we will offer you a full refund. Thanks to the great work of the EJC Hanko team and very cooperative partners, the EJC Hanko has only incurred minimal cost in 2020. The EJA will cover these from reserves built by previous EJCs’ surplus.

Please note that refunding everyone involves quite a bit of work and may take some time – please give us up to four weeks to get in touch. If you have not heard from us by Monday, 27th April, and you believe you are owed money, please drop us a line at prereg@eja.net.

We thank you for your understanding and support. We will come back from this situation stronger and with more enthusiasm for circus than ever before.

Stay safe and healthy 

With best regards,

The EJC Hanko Crew

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